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New Corporate Guarantee

Never waste training money ever again

New Corporate Guarantee Launched

We offer a corporate rate on all our courses.With this comes Corporate Guarantee why did we launch our corporate guarantee it was designed so client would have the security to change the student name if required.

Below there are a number of features

  • Students will be provided support tutor call on regular basis as agreed.
  • If a student leaves within the course before completing the course and being certificated.This client will be allowed to replace the¬†student on the course.(Limited 2 Replacements)
  • Student will be given access to live course/workshops that are available on our websites.
  • Student will be provided with physical folders if required.
  • Clients will be given a clear completion plan if more than two people are booked with the corporate rate
  • Clients will be given update on the progress report on monthly basis.

You must book onto the Corporate rate to get this Guarantee.

If you require more information please contact us on 0207 112 8945

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