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About Us

Teaching Qualifications is our Specialist Subject

Reasons we are the best

  • We provide support 9-5pm Mon-Fri on Telephone 
  • All students are registered within the awarding bodies
  • We have NO hidden Charges.
  • We one of the largest providers of teaching courses.
  • We support the student through the process of achieving your qualifications.
  • Leading provider of  Teaching Qualifications.

Classroom Based Courses

We provide high quality training course onsite that are fixed price with no extras.We have around 90 % pass rate for Classroom based courses.These courses are designed to meet the need for training providers that need staff to complete their qualifications within a set period.


Corporate Rate

We offer a corporate rate on all our courses.With this comes Corporate Guarantee

Below there are a number of features

  • Students will be provided support tutor call on regular basis as agreed.
  • If a student leaves within the course before completing the course and being certificated.This client will be allowed to replace the student on the course.(Limited 2 Replacements)
  • You must book onto the Corporate rate to get this Guarantee.


Story About US

We are small training company that has been around for over 5 Years. We aim to provide high qualifications for low cost with No extra cost like many of the other companies.

We would with a number of companies and organisations around the United Kingdom to provide high quality training. provide teaching resources for our trainers and customers.One of the key features of our service is the speed of turnaround for our marking.

We average around 48 Hours during the week.


Education and Training Level 3
Education and Training Level 4
Education and Training Level 5

We Specialise in Teacher Training

As specialist in teacher training.We have complete over 100 Education and Training (Dtlls)Students.We aim to be one of the largest provider of teacher training in the United Kingdom by the End of 2015.

Teaching Qualifications are specialist area.

We are a leading provider of Education and Training qualifications within the United Kingdom.

We have been working within the sector for over 5 years as a specialist provider we have tutors available 9am -5pm Mon-Fri.

One of the biggest reason people love us as training provider is the fact that we love to chat to our customer as we love to work with our students needs and making thing happen.We are one the few providers that look to meet the customers needs while maintaining the standards within the qualifications.

We currently have over 100 students on the New Dtlls and Education and Training Level 5.We are one of the leading providers of this type of the leading qualifications for the trainer.

Education and Training Level 5

We currently have over 70 Students completing  the assessor qualifications certificate.We supply all assessor for no extra charges this is part of the company all inclusive pricing policy.

Level 3 Assessor Certificate